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The patients’ room

1,650 novices and young monks and nuns aged between 5 and 20 years old attend the schools of the monastery. Most are Nepalese, Bhutanese or Tibetans, and are second generation refugees from Tibet. The donations for NSDT are mainly used to run the "patients’ room", in which the young monks get medical attention and care. More then 130 patients with stomach ache, cut knees, colds and so on are attended to daily. Each patient receives the care they need and a glass of lemon juice mixed with sugar cane and a vitamin tablet to boost their immune system. Every three months the youngest are provided with soap, tooth paste and other sanitary articles. Each week an egg is given as a nutrition supplement and the smallest ones get a glass of milk daily. It is planned to invite a dentist once a week in the near future. The supply of food will improve gradually as fruit and vegetables currently grown in the garden of the school are harvested in the future. A new building is planned to provide bathrooms with hot showers and washing machines for the pupils under 13 years old. Donations are welcome to help finance this essential project.

Extended activities at Namdroling Monastery

  • In 2007 between June and December, 2,000 monks and nuns were given the Hepatitis B vaccination.
  • NSDT finances the cost of medication, treatments and hospitalisation if a member of the monastery suffers from a serious disease.

Projects of lamas

The Namdroling monastery is considered as one of the best training centers of the Nyingma tradition. Many reincarnated lamas, also named Tulkus, come to the monastery to study at the Shedra (Shedra is described as a monastic university). Usually the lamas are heads of their own monasteries in Tibet, Nepal or Bhutan, which they have to maintain. This is hardly possible as a student and so a small part of the income through the sale of the book covers is used to support the lamas in the maintaining of their monasteries.