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The Namdroling School Dispensary Trust (NSDT) is a fundraising initiative which supports the pupils at the Namdroling monastery of Penor Rinpoche in South India by providing medicines and healthcare services.

The Namdroling Monastery is in Bylakuppe, South India. It is one of the foremost places of learning of the Nyingma school of Buddhism, and also one of the largest. Today, there are over 3,000 monks studying and working there, 30% of whom are young monks aged between 6 and 18. His Holiness Penor Rinpoche provides a home, food and clothing for every monk, regardless of their financial circumstances. Some monks are orphans whose extended family cannot provide for them and so they are sent to Namdroling, given an education and a vocation for life.

The Namdroling School Dispensary was founded in October 2003 by Tulku Loday Sangpo. Whilst His Holiness provides medical care if young monks require attention by a doctor, around 100 students need daily medical attention for scabies, skin infections, worms, coughs, colds, vomiting, diarrhoea and, of course, cuts and scrapes which are common amongst young children everywhere.

NSDT was set up in 2004 to help provide medicines and medical supplies to the Dispensary. To ensure the continuation of this essential service we need further financial assistance.

Please also see our sister website www.kleine.moenche.de




You can support Namdroling School Dispensary Trust with a donation. The project is currently financed entirely by private donations with the aim to make the Trust fund a registered charity in due course.

Please see "Donate now!" on ways in which you can show generosity to the young monks at Namdroling.

We also raise funds by selling items from our online shop. Please take a look and see if you would like to support our work by buying a special gift for yourself or a loved one.

Latest news fom the Namdroling Dispensary:

  • Since May 2008, a fully-qualified nurse is coming to the dispensary. She works for the local Tsepal Topkyed hospital, and helps us to follow up the healthcare of the children after they have seen the doctor; she also takes care of those admitted to the hospital.

  • From now on, all the new arrivals will be checked by the doctor.

  • 5 children with perforations in the ear drum will get an operation to close the hole in June 2008.

  • Funds raised by www.kleine-moenche.de (our sister organisation) will be used to start sponsoring a nun with acute hepatitis B, who had to leave the nunnery, because of the weather conditions in South India to move north and who now has to pay for food and shelter besides the medicine and doctor visits without having any way of generating income

  • Kleine Moenche is also sponsoring a monk from Tsepal Tobkyed hospital to attend the community health training at St. John's hospital in Bangalore, South India.